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Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen

gerne unterstütze ich den Weltsepsistag, der in Zusammenarbeit mit der Gruppe von Prof. Reinhart aus Jena, organisiert wird.

Bitte beachten Sie das Video dieser Aktion.

Außerdem kopiere ich Ihnen hier eine eMail von Prof. Reinhart mit der Bitte um Beachtung. Unsere Klinik ist bereits registriert. Machen Sie mit! 

Dear colleagues and supporters of World Sepsis Day,
as September 13th is approaching fast, in the following please find a short update on our current status/activities.
As you may also depict from World Sepsis Day  website during the last weeks numerous additional professional national societies and international organizations have joined the coalition of supporters for  the WSD, among them the intensive care societies from Austria, Brasil, Poland, Serbia, Spain, the Canadian and Scandinavian Critical Care Trials Group, and the George Institute. Additionally we received support from organisations from Nigeria and Kenya.
Our supporters come from 52 nations and so far 144 Supporting organizations, 495 Healthcare Workers, 596 Organizations providing healthcare which represent over 800 hospitals and 121 private individuals declared their support. This list is growing daily. Currently, we receive approx. 38 new registrations per day.
Ø  Please continue to encourage societies, groups, hospitals and corporate groups to become supporters of the WSD
The International Association of Medical Students put sepsis and World Sepsis Day on their agenda during their recent annual meeting in Mumbai to promote the movement in their community.
Upcoming Events
It is also great that we have friends and supporters that organize events on all continents for example in South and North America (Peru, Columbia, Chile, Brasil, USA, Canada), in Asia (China, India, Pakistan and Korea, the Pan Arabic region), Africa and Europe.
Ø  Please let us know asap what events you are planning.
To support your event planning and communication we recommend that you register your event on the World Sepsis Day website via your log in.
In case we should do this for you please provide us with the following information:
– Name of the event
– Location
– Date and starting Time 
– A short description of your event
– Contact email address
– Picture of your location (please at least 300k)
Ø  You may also download the toolkits from the website for your activities that we are about to update continuously in the next weeks.
Ø  Also we provide you with a small animation on sepsis as an emergency:
Please feel free to watch, distribute or embed it into your website or communication
We are very glad to have received sponsoring from the following organisations: considerable funds were provided by the German Sepsis Society and the Jena Center for Sepsis Control and Care for the establishment of the WSD website, the production of the toolkits, promotional materials and managerial support; the GSA received some financial support by Thermo Fisher Scientifc, as Gold sponsor and by BBraun and Roche Diagnostics as Bronze sponsors; smaller funds were obtained by Adrenomed Berlin, CLS Behring, and Biomerieux.
Furthermore, we received support for the sepsis light events in Berlin, London and Jena porcelain manufacturers Rosenthal Germany and Kahla Porcelain Germany who provide  over 2000 beautiful porcelain windlights.
Please note that parts of the design and communication work is provided by Lindgruen pro bono. The Berlin Charity Event is made possible by the generous financial support of a number of German colleagues from the field of intensive care medicine.
Ø  As we should acknowledge the supporters of national and local events on the WSD website, please provide us with this information where applicable and inform your sponsors (private individuals, public  foundations and corporate firms) about this option.
Overall we can be very proud of what we have achieved together so far, because this effort is driven by the medical and scientific community and has set free so many excellent ideas and activities by  many societies, groups and individuals.
Thanks to all of you and the best wishes for your activities on September 13th.
Best regards,
Konrad Reinhart
Prof. Dr. Konrad Reinhart
Director of
Dep. for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Chairman Global Sepsis Alliance
Erlanger Allee 101
07747 Jena

Phone +49 3641 9323101/11
Fax +49 3641 9323102/12
Cell phone +49 171 7535823

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