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Become an emergency doctor in Denmark

Interested in a Scandinavian lifestyle? The Emergency Department @Holbaek Hospital, Denmark is looking for EU certified specialists with emergency medicine experience.
The EM specialty is recognized in Denmark and it is still possible for doctors from other specialties to shift to emergency medicine.

Excellent work-life balance in a highly livable town just a one-hour drive from Copenhagen.

We offer:
– A good work-life balance
– A good professional environment
– Opportunities to develop the emergency medicine specialty

Please note, that to apply to this position you must have a basic knowledge of the Danish language already- and be willing to learn more.

Why apply to work at the Holbaek Emergency Department?

Our ambition is to be at the cutting edge of emergency medicine in Denmark. With us, you get the opportunity to work as an emergency doctor at a high technical level and be responsible for patient treatment.
The emergency department is an independent department with around 80 nurses, 45 doctors and 14 secretaries on staff. We work in teams on a day-to-day basis and have a reputation for having a really good collegial work environment, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Short patient pathways

The department structure is based on the model of some American emergency departments, in which patients have a short, concentrated stay, with rapid diagnostic clarification. On average, patients in the emergency department who require inpatient care are transferred to admissions less than four hours after arrival. In those four hours we must make a diagnosis and start treatment. The department is responsible for the treatment of around 95% of the acute patients who come to the hospital.

In addition, the department is a major training institution, with the department’s doctors acting as instructors and course organisers for emergency medicine courses for doctors, primarily from Region Zealand and the Capital Region of Denmark. Depending on your experience and interests, it will be a natural step for you to teach alongside the rest of us.

We’re looking for someone who:

·         Is a specialist with emergency medicine experience or equivalent

·         Likes the unpredictable nature of emergency work

·         Thrives on working in teams

·         Has the courage to try life as a doctor in Denmark

·         Already knows some basic Danish and is willing to learn more

·         Is an EU citizen and EU-trained doctor and specialist with a view to obtaining a Danish licence to practise and Danish recognition of specialist training.

If you have special areas of interest, it will be a natural step for you to take on special responsibilities: teaching, research, simulation training, ultrasound … you name it. You will be involved in developing the department and your views and initiative are crucial.

Salary and employment conditions

You will be employed as a unit specialist or consultant, depending on your experience and the Danish collective agreement.The position includes duty shifts, and you are expected to be able to serve as senior on-call doctor after an individual induction process (and completion of a longer Danish language course, if relevant).

Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting lead clinician Peter Hallas at phaa@regionsjaelland.dk(the e-mail should preferably be written in Danish)

We reserve the option to evaluate applicants on an ongoing basis – so, if you are interested, please don’t wait to apply.


A hospital in a town located by the fjord

Holbaek Hospital is part of Region Zealand, which manages and provides public health services for approximately 800,000 citizens. Region Zealand is one of the five regions in Denmark and operates seven somatic hospitals, among other services. Holbaek Hospital is an ambitious emergency hospital and handles this function for approximately 250,000 citizens. The hospital comprises the following specialisations: emergency medicine, occupational medicine, community medicine, gynaecology/obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery, orthopaedic surgery, internal medicine. In addition, there is an Anaesthesiology Department with an intensive therapy section and a Pain Clinic, a Radiology Department, including CT and MRI scanning, as well as interdisciplinary specialisations such as clinical biochemistry and clinical physiology.

Holbaek is a fjord town located in Northwest Zealand, approximately 60 kilometres from Copenhagen. With its 28,538 inhabitants, it is the largest town in Northwest Zealand.

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